Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Installing and Running using the Java Platform

  1. If I run the LanguageTools Products in a web server environment (e.g. Jakarta Tomcat), where should I place the license and proxy file?

    Make sure the license and proxy file can be found by the Java class loader of your web server. Place the license and proxy files at the top level of a folder like WEB-INF/classes. Don't use the WEB-INF/lib folder because most web servers only place *.jar files on the classpath.

    Alternatively, use the product factory method (instance() or newInstance()) that accepts the license file path as argument.

  2. When run in a web server environment (e.g. Jakarta Tomcat), the license file is modified at runtime. Therefore, your web server may try to reload the web application context.

    Solution 1: Configure your web server so that it does not reload the web application each time a file, stored on the classpath, changes. If you are using Jakarta Tomcat, edit the /tomcat/conf/server.xml file and change the reloadable attribute of the application context to false:
    <Context path="yourPath" docBase="yourDocBase" debug="0" 

    Solution 2: Put the licencse file in a global resource folder that is recognized by your webserver environment. If you are using Jakarta Tomcat, read the class loader howto of your Tomcat version to figure out where to place it. Example: Using Tomcat 4.1 one appropriate folder would be $CATALINA_HOME/shared/classes (see Tomcat 4.1 Classloader HowTo).