LanguageTools Transducer Compiler
Input Syntax Description

Syntax for the source file

An input *.src file is represented by a sequence of lines, in which the compiler must find three elements: a citation form, a word form and an index representing the reference to the feature table, which must be delivered separately (file *.tab).

Source input format:

input         ::=  {line}+.
line          ::=  citation-form word-form index EOL.
citation-form ::=  string.
word-form     ::=  string.
index         ::=  {[0..9]}+.


bauen baue 1
bauen baust 1
bauen baut 1
bauen bauens 2

Syntax for the feature table

If you want to associate a new feature table to your compiled data, you need to know the feature table syntax. The first line informs on the total number of elements. All other lines have an index (starting at 1) followed by the corresponding feature set.

Here is the syntax:

input         ::=  nr-of-lines EOL {line}+.
line          ::=  index feature-set EOL.
nr-of-lines   ::=  {[0..9]}+.
index         ::=  {[0..9]}+.
feature-set   ::=  {feature-pair}+.
feature-pair  ::=  "(" attribute "-" value ")".
attribute     ::=  string.
value         ::=  string.


1 (Cat-V)
2 (Cat-N)