LanguageTools: Licenses

Pricing for site licenses are available on request.

Evaluation licenses are free for a duration of 15 days, and only allow access to a reduced dataset. (A description for the respective language is provided at the product website .)

Full licenses are valid for 1 year. The license period can be extended on demand. Go to the download zone to download a free evaluation license, or to order and buy a full license.


The following section lists the deliverables for all LanguageTools products, data compilers and available datasets.

LanguageTools products

The official implementation is a Java multi-platform implementation, a shared-library version is only available on demand

Development and runtime licenses for all types of LanguageTools contain:

  • Java API
  • Dataset
  • Documentation

Data Compilers

Runtime licenses for all types of data compilers contain:

  • Program (stand-alone application).
  • Documentation.


Please refer to language-specific features , to get the information on the available datasets.


The type of license for each product, as well as other information such as expiration date, are checked at runtime by a centralized license server. As a result LanguageTools products must be installed in an internet-enabled environment. The data exchange uses HTTP tunneling.
If you are using a proxy server, see the license documentation for further details on how to configure your LanguageTools product. Anonymous and basic authentication protocols are supported.


Prices depend on the type of product, the required data set and the selected performance.
For a complete price list, please contact Canoo at


Some of our products include software developed by the ApacheSoftware Foundation.

The LanguageTools for French are collaborative work by Canoo and our partner Lingenio GmbH .